The cost of sending any Epson printer in for service can be hundreds of dollars. In most cases it is cheaper to throw the printer away and get a new one. There are many things that can cause your inkjet head to misfire leaving streaks and lines in your image. Many people assume that this always means a clogged head. Sometimes it is just air in the system. Whatever the cause may be, if you send your printer back to Epson they will almost always charge you for the installation of a new head. $200-$250.00 minimum.

Some myths:

Only Epson inks work in Epson printers - all others will clog the heads and you will loose your warranty.

Epson Inks will dry up and clog the heads just as well as any ink will - ink jet printers do not like to be left idle for long periods of time - If you know some one who has lost their warranty because they did not use Epson ink - have them call us - so far we have never heard of this actually happening.

There are some cases of 2 after market inks reacting with each other and turning to jelly. We have thousands of customers using our dye based ink in the 3000 without problems.

It is normal for ink jet printers to need cleaning and maintenance - they are messy little machines and will not run endlessly without ink fouling the head cleaning mechanisms.

The Epson 3000 is impossible to work on - only Epson technicians can get the case open.

We know that there are now many out of warranty Epson 3000's out there- and we know that you want to fix them yourself without breaking the bank - we can help. The case is easy to open - call us we will show you how - the heads can be flushed without taking the case apart. Spare parts are available.

Epson print heads are very fine and eventually after the consumption of numerous inkjet cartridges they can develop print problems that won't go away no matter how many times you press the head cleaning button. Some printers suffer from lack of use also. If a printer is left for months without being used, the heads can dry up. One solution is to install a cleaning cartridge. This may work. If you have a printer that just won't print even after repeated tries with a cleaning cartridge, then you can throw it in the dumpster or for $42.00 try our industrial strength flushing kit.

The above Photo shows the print heads of an epson 1520 as seen from below.

The color head is on the left, the black head is on the right.

This head is similar to most used on various desktop Epson printers.

This head can print incredibly fine 1440 dpi images using tiny jets that spray ink through holes that even a human hair could not be passed through. This means that all ink that is used with this printer must have very fine particles. All our POSJET inks are filtered to pass easily through this head.

This print head is plugged up with dried ink. If you look closely you can see the black ink residue in the orifices. In this particular case a third party ink was injected into a used Epson cartridge and the Epson ink chemically reacted to create solidified blobs that quickly shut this printer down. If you refill always use fresh virgin cartridges - do not refill Epson OEM cartridges.

The first step is to take the lid off of the bottle of flushing solution and heat it in your microwave for 30 seconds - be careful - it's hot.

Using the syringe fitted with the special seal - about of solution are sucked from the hot bottle.

The nozzle is then fitted over the ink delivery post - that is the little post that resides in the back of the cartridge bay.

The plunger of the syringe is then slowly pushed and hot pressurized cleaning solution will then purge all of the old ink and residue.

The inkjet heads are not removed for this process.

After cleaning, a fresh cartridge is placed in the printer and a few test prints are made.

Most printers will return to normal operation.

If your printer has other problems like a burned out print head, then this procedure will not repair the printer.

We have used this method to unplug some pretty abused printers.

If it works - it's a cheaper solution than buying a new printer.

The Kit sells for $42.00 and comes with detailed instructions for Epson printers including the 1520 and 3000 models.



Like the song says...this Thermonuclear 3000 Cleaning Kit was just what I needed to get the Black printhead moving again. I had absolutely no black ink from any of the jets and now it's flowing again. The service manual is proving very helpful also.


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